Who Ya Gonna Call?

The electricity is out, they won’t let you park at the beach without some silly sticker, and whether school is delayed or cancelled is a question. We know it can be frustrating trying to find your way around a large city’s various departments, but Stamford is a big city with a small-town heart. Here are the inside secrets to Getting Some Stuff Done Without Frying Your Brain that’ll have you managing like a native in no time.

Garbage Collection

To get garbage and recycling schedules, visit stamfordct.gov/solid-waste-recycling/pages/garbage-recycling-schedule

  • To request a recycling bin, call 203-977-4605.
  • To dispose of toxic household items, take electronics, propane tanks, motor oil to the Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center. Recycle paint at Keogh’s Hardware or Sherwin Williams. Stamford also holds periodic Hazardous Waste Collection days. Check stamfordct.gov for announcements.


  • To inquire about school bus schedules and routes, call the Stamford Public Schools Transportation Office, 203-977-4249 or http://www.stamfordpublicschools.org/district/transportation
  • To find your school district and enroll your child, call
    the Board of Education,
    203-977-5312, 203-977-4118 or 203-977-4465 to schedule a registration appointment.
  • To find out about (private and public) school closings/snow days, subscribe to District Alerts at stamfordpublicschools.org/subscribe. Also, listen to WSTC 1400, or tune into Channel 12.

Pets & Wildlife

  To get a license for your dog, visit stamfordct.gov/town-clerk/pages/dog-licensing-information-and-application. Cats don’t need licenses.

  To report a lost pet, or sick or injured wildlife, contact
the Animal Control Center,
203-977-4437 or stamfordct.gov/animal-control-center.

  To adopt a furry companion, contact the Animal Control Center or Outreach to Pets in Need, adopt@opinpets.org.


  • To purchase seasonal beach stickers (required May 1–Sept. 30), visit the Government Center Park Permits Department. Must show car registration and proof of residence.
  • To acquire a monthly train station parking permit at Harbor Point Gateway Garage, visit gatewaygarage.com. For permits at Glenbrook and Springdale stations, visit the Government Center.
  • To register your boat and sign up for a marina slip, call 203-977-4692 or 203-977-5206.

City Services

To report a pothole, call Stamford Citizens Service Center, 203-977-4140 or stamfordct.gov/road-maintenance.

  To register your alarm with the city and fire department, visit stamfordct.gov/public-safety-health-welfare/pages/alarm-system-registration.

  To get the leaf pickup schedule, visit stamfordct.gov. Citywide pickup begins mid-November. The city usually also sends out reminder postcards.

  To have a tick tested, call the Stamford Health Laboratory Division, 203-977-5842.

  To test your well water
(if you live in North Stamford), call 203-977-4365. $150 for first-time users, $100 for returning customers.

  To find your nearest green space or beach, visit stamfordct.gov/city-parks.

  To register to vote, visit voterregistration.ct.gov

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