Train like a Pro

Fitness experts share strategies for youth sports training that supports strength, agility and injury prevention

Changing the Game

Orthopedists blow the whistle on a trend that shows more young athletes are suffering from sports injuries

Take it Outside!

Easy ways to enjoy the summer weather and still work toward your fitness goals

Ticked Off

With the CDC predicting the highest rate of Lyme disease in years, here’s what you should know before stepping outside

Barre Exam

Fitness experts say barre workouts have evolved to also provide added cardio and strength-training

Heart to Heart

New cardiac health research shows added sugar is not so sweet to our hearts

Standing Up to Cancer

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, a Stamford-based obstetrician and gynecologist diagnosed with ovarian cancer last summer, draws from her experience as a patient to help others better understand the disease

The Year of You

Whether you’re looking for a major body transformation, a little health and wellness reboot or a place to quiet your mind and focus your thoughts, we’ve got ten spas that nurture body and soul

Making Time

Tricks to ensure a workout is part of your day in spite of common obstacles

Quit It

Local hospital programs that will help you kick the cigarette habit

Step by Step

Ballroom pros offer their spin on the fitness benefits of dancing

Top Doctors

Presenting 142 of the Best Local Physicians in 41 Specialties

Top Doctors

Presenting 126 of the best local physicians in 41 specialties

Guys Who Spa

Move over, women. More men are getting massaged, manicured, manscaped, Botoxed, pedicured and otherwise pampered.